Barry Pearson

Barry has written 8 feature films, including the Canadian classic Paperback Hero with Keir Dullea and Elizabeth Ashley, directed by Peter Pearson, which was restored and given special screenings at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival.

He is the writer of over 40 hrs of television for CBC, CTV, Global, TVO, Family Channel, YTV, Viacom, PBS, Sci Fi & USA networks, as well as the author of the book The Boyd Gang, about the infamous 1950s bank robber Edwin Alonzo Boyd.  

TELEVISION –  series,  movies,  dramatic specials

Deepwater Black  (series co-creator, head writer) on USA Netwk, YTV
Covert Action   (with Art Hindle & Wendy Crewson) on CBC, Viacom
The Life & Times of Edwin Alonzo Boyd (with Gordon Pinsent as Boyd) on CTV, PBS
Ambush at Iroquois Point (Ralph Thomas, director) on CBC
Rodeo Rider (with Blair Brown & Donelly Rhodes) on CBC
Someday Soon (with John Vernon. Ralph Thomas, director) on CBC
Goin’ Down Slow ( with Helen Shaver.  Peter Carter, director) on CBC
McLeish’s Wild Horses (with Doug McGrath. Ron Weyman, director) on CBC


Paperback Hero               with Keir Dullea, Elizabeth Ashley, director Peter Pearson
Isaac Littlefeathers         with Lou Jacobi, director Les Rose
Firebird 2015 A.D.            with Darren McGavin
Bloody Birthday               with Susan Strasberg & Jose Ferrer, director Ed Hunt
Plague                               with Daniel Pilon & Celine Lomez
Me                                      with Steven Markle,  producer Peter O'Brien                        
King of the Streets          director Ed Hunt


Best Screenplay,                                   Intl Film & TV Festival of New York
Special Jury Award - Feature Films    San Francisco Intl Film Festival
Best Screenplay                                    Sitges, Spain, 12th Intl Film Festival

Barry is currently writing a novel titled America, America, and developing two television series.   He conducts popular seminars on screenplay writing and contributes articles on screenwriting to Screen Talk, the International Voice of Screenwriting .     
His website is