Gao Yun Xiang

GAO YUNXIANG plays WANG MA, a Guangdong farmer ruined by the drought, who crosses the ocean in the hold of an over-crowded sailing ship, along with Little Tiger, disguised as a boy.

She taunts him for his simple dreams – a bit of land, a couple of wives. Her plans are much bigger. They become friends while setting dynamite on the sheer cliff, as he tempts fate and reveals his deepest fears to her.

Handsome Gao, one of China’s rising young stars, is reunited with Sun Li in Iron Road.  He acted with her earlier in two TV series Feng Yu Xi Guan and The Best Times directed by Stanley Kwan.

Gao’s other credits include Zui Hao De Shi Guang, Model Show, Fei Xiang De Wu Tong Zi, Mai Li Xin Tian Di, Feng Yu Xi Guang, Shou Hou Yang Guang and Ping Dan Sheng Huo.  He trained at the prestigious Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Gao had thick black hair when he auditioned for Iron Road; but when he was cast as Wang Ma, he shaved his entire head to wear the 1880’s Manchu wig with its traditional long queue. In the story, the camp cook cuts off his queue as soon as he arrives in the railroad camp. 

Gao became such a favorite of the Iron Road actors and crew that their long goodbyes,  on his last day of filming in Canada, made him late for his flight back to China.