Tony Leung Ka Fai

TONY LEUNG KA FAI plays BOOK MAN, the intermediary between the white bosses and the Chinese crew who keeps track of the Chinese workers’ hours and distributes their pay. He’s a man with a hidden past, and a deep scar on his face and soul.

One of Hong Kong’s most prolific and popular actors, with 120 films and numerous awards to his credit, Leung Ka Fai won his first Best Actor Award at the 1984 Hong Kong Film Awards with his feature film debut Reign Behind A Curtain, directed by Li Han Hsiang. Seven years later, his brilliant performance in Farewell China brought him his second Best Actor Award at the 28th Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan. 

1992 was a year of remarkable success for Leung Ka Fai: he won the Hong Kong Artist’s Guild Film Actor of the Year and successfully entered international show business by breaking box-office records with The Lover, an erotic story of a schoolgirl's affair with a rich, suave Chinese man in 1930s Indochina.

In 1993, he was awarded the Best Actor prize again at the Hong Kong Film Awards with the comedy 92 Legendary La Rose Noire. In 1994, he was invited to judge the Miss World Pageant, and in 1995 won the Best Actor prize at the Louis Cartier Awards of Excellence. With the release of his debut CD album Tempt Me For Life in 1996, Leung Ka Fai’s singing talent was revealed to his many fans.

In 1999, the film Love Will Tear Us Apart. which Leung Ka Fai produced and starred in, was an Official Selection of Cannes Film festival competition. From 2000 to 2001, Leung Ka Fai performed on stage in The Red Boat in Hong Kong. And his movie Double Vision, broke the Taiwan box-office record in 2002. The following year, he was awarded the Best Supporting Actor prize in the Hong Kong Film Awards for the comedy Men Suddenly in Black.

In 2005, Leung Ka Fai received the most prestigious prize from the Chinese Movie Performing Arts Academic Society as one of the “Chinese Movie Hundred Years - Hundred Outstanding Actors.”  He also accepted the great honor of attending the 14th Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers film festival.  In the same year, he performed on stage  in China and America in the lead role in Love in a Fallen City written by Zhang Ailing.

In 2006, Leung Ka Fai received a Best Actor Award from the Hong Kong Film Awards for the third time for the movie Election.  Leung Ka Fai’s controversial Lost in Beijing screened at the 2007 Berlin Film Festival and Eye in the Sky opened the Hong Kong Festival. In December of 2007, he won another Golden Horse award at the Taiwan Film Festival for his role in The Drummer.

This versatile actor has portrayed a huge range of characters from ancient emperors, heroes and villains to a psychotic gangster in Election, a philandering husband in Dumplings, a half-man, half-woman in The Huadu Chronicles:  Blade of the Rose, a blind judo master in Johnny To’s Throw Down  and a repressed admirer in Everlasting Regret. Tony Leung is truly a multi-faceted star.