ZHANG NAI HUA plays Di Hong, a thief and small-time thug.  In the past he was sidekick to a ruthless gang lord who hunted down the rebels of Guangdong province when they rose up against their overlords.  But Di Hong is later expelled by his boss and joins the railroad crew.  He changes countries but not his character.  In the railroad camp, he steals from Bookman, but this time he cannot escape a fight to the death  on the high mountain ledge.

Di Hong was the last role to be cast in Iron Road. Zhang Nai Hua won out over dozens of other actors, and filmed in Hengdian Studios, then high up in the mountains of British Columbia.

It’s late at night when Bookman discovers that his money is gone; he chases Di Hong till they wind up on the mountain ledge from which the dynamite crew descends.  A viscious fight ensues where one of them falls over the ledge to his death.

Zhang Nai Hua is an experienced Chinese actor who had never worked in Canada, so this night chase in the B.C. forest was an exciting experience for him.